3 comments on “Iron Leg Radio Show Episode #10

  1. “She’s Got the Time” by the Poor: I was hanging out with Barry Friedman (‘discovered’ Buffalo Springfield and gave them their name) in Hollywood at his place. Randy Meisner came over, and they played “I’ve Just Seen a Face” by the Charles River Valley Boys over and over and over again, listening to the instrumental lead in. Randy was a founding member of The Poor. Barry lives in Canada now where he has a recording studio (and changed his name to Frazier Mohawk, and is married to Essra Mohawk, a singer who in reality was Sandra Hurvitz until she married Barry (Frazier) and adopted his last name. Her albums are dreamy still well-worth buying if you can find them either on LPs or CDs. Anyway, after leaving Barry’s, Randy and I and my former girlfriend went over to Wallach’s Music City on Sunset and Vine and I bought “She’s Got The Time” on a 45…and a couple of months later, the Kaleidoscope’s first album (David Lindley was in the group) because Barry kept playing their brand-new single that was on their first LP, “Please.” A great tune.

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