3 comments on “Brenda Lee – Is It True

  1. I was a big fan of the British Invasion bands, having formed my taste in junior high. So I was aware that both Brenda Lee and the Everly Brothers made their way to England to record. (You probably know the Everly Brothers’ album “Two Yanks in England.”)

    I imagine this was another case of American recording artists feeling the heat of the British competition.

    I’m happy to see this cut here. It’s a good one!

  2. Larry
    I just finished reading Brenda’s book “Little Miss Dynamite” and she discusses her British recording jaunt but not with record hounds in mind i.e. no deep info but for dropping Page’s name.

    Page had a distinctive volume pedal he used on his sesh work (you can hear it on “Is it True” and his burning solo on “Leave My Kitten Alone” on the Pebbles Mod comp as well as that great Lulu stuff on Parrot).

    One of my first record collecting pals was a guy in town who was Brenda’s fan club president. He exposed me to her early rockabilly sides and tipped me to lots of her great records when I had no idea who she even was.

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