10 comments on “Gordon Lightfoot – For Lovin’ Me

  1. Lightfoot is one of the main foundations of my music collection — vinyl and CD both — from “Lightfoot” through some of his lesser known stuff from the late 1980s. He’s probably responsible for as many “oh wow” moments in my life as any other musician. Good post.

  2. Gordo’s had a great career and his early records have gotten overshadowed by his huge, later hits. Whenever I hear someone ridiculing Lightfoot for “Edmund Fitzgerald” (which is a masterful folk song regardless of it’s becoming a musical punchline), I play them “Black Name in July” … make fun of THAT. Thanks for posting this.

  3. I always dug “Edmund Fitzgerald” and even moreso when I discovered that the story was true, and had really only happened a few years before, i.e. a “real folk song”.
    Lightfoot is underrated as both a performer and writer.

    • I’ve always loved his music, but has any one else noticed he is regaining popularity again (or could you say ‘trending’) with younger music lovers?

      • My sister had me sing “Beautiful” in her wedding … my version notwithstanding, it’s a favorite of mine, too. Lovely song that not even a hack (ahem) can ruin.

      • Spending time on the Great Lakes, “Edmund Fitzgerald” really has a lot of gravity. (As much as I love NRBQ, I resented them doing the song as a joke when they wanted to quit for the night.)

  4. Gordon’s Early Morning Rain was also covered by PPM; it’s my favorite single of their’s though it was not a huge hit.

  5. Good post.

    Grossman was a master; manage the acts, own their publishing and have your stable of writers give your groups their best material.

    Lightfoot’s “Beautiful,” a feast of moody major seventh chords is on my list of all-timers.

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