5 comments on “RIP Robin Gibb 1949 – 2012

  1. One of the brothers’ least-known songs, sung by Robin, was a curiosity entitled “Mrs. Gillespies Refrigerator” which was covered in 1967 by a British band, “Sands”, who, following the death of their manager Brian Epstein, were, for a short time, under the same Robert Stigwood aegis as the BeeGees and Cream.
    The song was released (with additional middle and end sections written by Sands) on the Reaction label, but bombed without promotion from the shambolic parent company. The BeeGees liked it though – and said so. The ‘B’-side, “Listen to The Sky” written by Sands, became very collectible: an iconic “Psych-Rock” track, an anti-war song featuring the band’s impressionist performance of a wartime aerial attack followed by an interpretation of “Mars” from Holst’s Planet Suite, it now sometimes enjoys the radio-play it was denied in its day, whilst the band continues to play under its original name (from 1963) of “The Others”.

  2. “when I was introduced to their early work during the garage/mod days.”

    Ditto. I dug the 3 O’ Clock and their tune “In My Own Time” until I read the credits and found out it was an early Bee Gees song.

  3. Long life to the Bee Gees songs. I meeting Robin Gibb in 24. november, 2005 here in Brazil, on the São Paulo Airport. They maked one show from Magnetic tour.
    RIP Sir Robin Gibb

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