2 comments on “Mike Stoller and the Stoller System – Silver Sea Horse / Numero Uno

  1. These 2 are just like the nyriad promo 45s I used to scoop up for free or pennies from 1973-1986. I used to scour stores, yard sales, flea markets and spend ALL my money that WASN’T going for new stock & imports (I figured by 1981 I was spending $250 a week on records and making close to $700/week between being a musician, Dj and working in TWO record stores. I even believe I had the Silver Sea Horse 45 myself. That is JUST the kind of obscuro I craved, reading every label credit to help me decide. Thanks for posting these two. I love them. Now if someone would get crazy on posting obscuro Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham demo 45s!

  2. Duncan
    I agree about the obscure stuff. While a lot of it is justly so, there are also a lot of gems out there too unjustly languishing on the sidelines.
    I had Silver Sea Horse stuck in my head for days after I heard it.

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