3 comments on “Iron Leg/F16C Twin Spin: Beauregard and the Tuffs – (Love Is Like A) Ramblin’ Rose

  1. I noticed the Decca matrix numbers (111,777 for “Ramblin’ Rose” and 111,779 for the B side “Big Bad Guitar”), which seemed old for a record from mid-July 1965, when it was released according to the catalogue number (Decca 31820). The Decca matrix series had reached approximately 116,300 by that point.

    And a little research resulted in the discovery that this was recorded in Nashville… as far back as 8 February 1962!

    The guitarist is Grady Martin, and both sides were leftover recordings already more than three years old. The other two tracks from this session, “Good, Good, Good” (111,780) / “Twist And Turn” (111,778), were released on Decca 31381 already in April 1962 under Grady Martin’s name. Martin had already used fuzz on Marty Robbins’s “Don’t Worry” (December 1960), as well as a B side of his own titled simply “The Fuzz” (January 1961), so he was well acquainted with it by 1962.

    Obviously this also means that Ted Taylor’s classic recording of the song cannot be the original one. My guess is that Decca dusted off the unreleased Martin recording in hopes of competing with Taylor when he released his version in the summer of 1965.

    • I wonder if the vocal was recorded in ’65 and put over the ’62 Martin instro track, that would explain why the vocal seems like a garage mock-up of the Taylor falsetto version even tho the evidence suggests the instro at least was recorded years earlier.

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