4 comments on “The Sneekers – Sneaker Talk

  1. As listed in the UT database, the “R&B Scene” comp LP on See For Miles includes “Bald Headed Woman” by The Sneekers. (The best ever version of that one if you ask me.) There’s a photo of the group on the sleeve, and they look like a typical UK Mod band, very teenaged, with sunglasses, skinny ties etc. – a million miles visually from this tux-wearing bunch. So I don’t think there is a connection.

      • You can see the picture, or the part of it that fits on the sleeve, here (below the “NE” in “SCENE”): http://tinyurl.com/sneekers

        Sadly there’s practically no info on the band in the sleeve notes. This was a one-off 45 produced by Shel Talmy, which pairs covers of “Bald Headed Woman” and “I Just Can’t Go To Sleep” off the Kinks’ first LP. If I wasn’t so much in awe of Talmy I’d e-mail him and ask, because I’m such a big fan of this particular version of “Bald Headed Woman”.

  2. I got this 45 as a promotional gift with the purchase of PF Flyers sneakers. I think that was the brand but it was in the late 60’s and I was pretty young. I used to play it on our Hi-Fi. Not sure that this contributes much but I just thought I’d toss it out there.

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