4 comments on “The With It Side of Liberace!

  1. Jeez, Larry, way to dredge up some memories! IU had this once and remember getting it MOSTLY because of the backing musicians, my obsession with all things coming out on Warner Bros/Reprise (including SO many odd and orphan 45 productions…someone should write a book or AT LEAST compile a serious list of the weird, odd amd wonderful one offs that appeared on the two labels in the late 60s and early 70s) AND my interest in seeing ANYBODY from the golden age of pre-rock pop update their sound and make something that I thought was even vaguely good and current (I like the Fats & Ella Warner updates, too, though they suffered from the same WTF? disbelief). I, too, wouldn’t mind hearing this whole LP over once again. It’s been 20 years since I owned it and probably 30 since I listened to it. Thanks, Larry.

  2. Duncan
    The only Fats I’ve heard from this period are a couple of Beatles covers – both good – but the Ella album with ‘Get Ready’ is REALLY good. I’ll have to post some on Funky16Corners.

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