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The Rattles


Listen/Download – The Rattles – I Know You Don’t Know

Greetings all.

I hope the new week finds you well, and that you all had a chance to download and listen to last week’s edition of the Iron Leg Radio Show.

The record I offer up today is something that I grabbed, sight unheard at a record show a few years back.

I knew of the Rattles, but mainly in their earlier, R&Beat incarnation, of which I had seen old bootleg videos back in the garage/mod days.

I had also heard their biggest hit ‘The Witch’, which made it into the US Top 40 in 1970.

By that time, all of the old-school Rattles had been shed like so much dead skin and replaced with a hairier, scarier bunch led by singer Edna Bejarano (maybe the only heavy rock singer named Edna EVER??).

When I picked up the 45 of ‘I Know You Don’t Know’ I assumed that the 1971 date on the 45 put it in a heavier bag, but I (really) had no idea.

When I got it home, expecting I know not what, I was genuinely shocked when the needle hit the record and something akin to early, heavy glam came shooting out of the speakers.

Both sides of the 45 are similarly constructed, with almost-heavy metal guitars and drums backing Bejarano’s just this side of shrill wailing.

‘I Know You Don’t Know’ gets started with a decidedly more ‘good-timey’ vibe than it ends up with which is cool because what they end up bashing out is quite tasty indeed.

If you get a chance, check out some of the early-70s stuff by the Rattles on Youtube. The dudes in the band look like they just rolled out of the North Sea Mud and Leather Festival, but Bejarano is a trip, especially in the promo clip for ‘The Witch’, in which she is suitably witch-like.

That said, I hope you dig the track, and I’ll see you all next week.





PS Head over to Funky16Corners for some soul.

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  1. kind of reminds me of “hair of the dog” by nazareth.


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