7 comments on “The It Don’t Matter To Me Variations

  1. I love Bread. Let me repeat that. I love Bread. I’d love them even if they weren’t the first band I ever saw in concert (1972), unless you count their opening act as the first band I ever saw in concert. They were a combo that called themselves “Steely Dan.” Wonder whatever happened to those guys.

  2. Steely Dan opening for Bread is another reason why the 70s were awesome.

    Somewhere in my archives I have the Josie and the Pussycats album and it is, like a lot of made-for-TV bubblegum 40 years ago, far better than it had to be. In some alternate universe, their “Every Beat of My Heart” was #1 for weeks and weeks.

  3. A toast to Bread!!

    Great post Larry. I only recently knew there were two different versions. My older sisters had the Bread LP’s so I got to hear all their stuff (their “Down On My Knees” is incredible).

  4. This is lovely, I’d never heard it before… I had the Friends of Distinction cover but had never bothered listening to it before. Going to delve deeper into these joss stick / patchouli guys now…! 🙂

  5. Nice piece, Larry, and those are some nice covers. But . . . you write, “yet I’m still left wondering who – outside of someone afflicted by the deepest unrequited love – on the male side of the equation this was supposed to appeal to . . .”

    I would guess that there were enough young men afflicted by such a love to make a good market for such records. “It Don’t Matter To Me” would move any young man who loved Lou Christie’s “I’m Gonna Make You Mine” or the Supremes/Temptations’ “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” or any other record of dedicated pursuit. Well, it would move any such young man who realized a few years later that waiting patiently is another form of such pursuit.

    In fact, “It Don’t Matter To Me” is the flip side of the Association’s “Cherish,” another one of those records dear to me: In “Cherish,” the narrator is sure he’ll never embrace The One, but he loves her from afar anyway. In “It Don’t Matter To Me,” he knows that loving her from afar and waiting is the only way he’ll ever be able to embrace her again.

    So, did the record move me? Only every time I’ve heard the single version . . .

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