4 comments on “Connie Francis – Fallin’

  1. Larry, this ad/tune caught the ear of my kids and I (I raised ’em right!) but I thought it was a remake, like the Detroit Cobras.

    Another great Connie tune is “Don’t Ever Leave Me,” a Barry-Greenwich number that’s a favorite of girl group fans.

  2. I think I know what song you’re talking about. I heard it too several times and thought, that it sounds like Connie Francis! So, you just confirmed it to me. Next time I hear it, I’ll pay more attention. I also remember her singing, “Don’t Break the Heart That Loves You.” She had a “cry” in her voice. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Boy! I THINK I may have heard this one before, but can’t be sure. It sure is a winner, though. Fits well within my little collection of COOL songs by Pop Standards singers reacting to that Rock ‘n’ Roll trend back in the 50s…(probably a LOT more gold in the Country & Western contemporaries, no doubt)…like Dean Martin’s ” Memories Are Made Of This’ Perry Como’s ‘Catch A Falling Star’ and Andy Willliams’ Can’t get To Losing You’. Even the stodgy old guard got it right here and there. Did you ever hear Nat King Cole’s ‘Midnight Flyer’ or ‘Send For Me’ from his 1959 LP Looking Back? I hadn’t either and when I found it someone had hipped me to the fact that one of those (forgotten which now) won the Grammy for best Pop recording that year. They’re BARELY rocking by Nat’s standards but they DO swing pretty close, almost to a Sam Cooke groove.Would be worth checking out if you’re interested in mining this small niche of musical history like I am.

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