3 comments on “The Three Ring Circus – Groovin’ On the Sunshine

  1. the Klowns on RCA (produced by Jeff Barry) also had a Barnum-Bailey tie-in.

    I remember seeing sealed copies of this Three Ring Circus LP when I first started collecting (’80-81) but “sunshine pop” as a record-nerd genre (guilty as charged!) didn’t exist then. It was too close in time frame for anyone to be interested in.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been thinking a lot this week (unrelated issue) about the levels of artifice/pretentiousness in the assemblage of new genres. There was certainly enough product in the sunshine pop/lite psych arena to group together. Initially I assume that it was too “uncool” for most, but if you dig pure pop, good songs and production, it’s hard to avoid.
    I’m going to have to find a copy of this LP since I really want to hear the instrumental side.

  3. Thanks for this – what a story! Had never heard of the Three Ring Circus but I’ve had the Bob McGrath album for a while now and his cover of this has always been the stand out track – it’s livelier than this version, with a kids chorus turning the “Love and Happiness” refrain almost into a mantra and a session band that’s absolutely getting down by the end. My kids love it too!

    The Bob album used to be all over the net, but can’t find a link anywhere now, I’m afraid.

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