4 comments on “Ed Cassidy RIP – Spirit: I Got a Line On You

  1. a couple of years ago I heard “Nature’s Way” on the radio and could not figure out who it was. The singer I thought sounded a little like Robin Zander, the song itself a little like his band’s “The Flame.” I then got a Spirit best-of and really only like “Nature’s Way” and the above tune.

    I’ve been recently reading about Ed’s problems as he aged, kind of sad. .

  2. Porky
    I don’t know if you’ve ever heard their first album all the way through, but it’s an underrated work of genius. Really one of the finest US psychedelic LPs.

  3. Always loved this record for the kick ass dose of rock rock and roll it was. 8 ns er had ts chance to really explore their cataloge other than Dr Sardonicus (intereating concept album) and the first LP.
    If I remember correctly, Randy California plyed in a band called rhe lie Flamss ahicj included Jini Hendrix before the latter left for England.

    • Yes, Randy met and played with Hendrix in the Village prior to the latter bolting for the UK with Chas Chandler.
      I’ve heard that it was Jimi who first called him ‘Randy California’ (his real last name was Wolfe) and I think the group was called the Blue Flames.

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