3 comments on “Homer and Jethro – (All I Want For Christmas Is) My Upper Plate

  1. Merry Christmas Larry. I love these guys and Jethro Burns was a world-class mandolin player. He did some all-stars records with Chet Atkins and other A-team players that absolutely cook.

  2. Ditto to Porky’s comment. I have collected as much as I could of H&J ESPECIALLY their 2 ‘Straight’ instrumental LPs (one IS called ‘Playing It Straight’ as I recall) under their own name and ALSO The Striingdusters on RCA with Chet Atkins sittin’ in (THAT I still have on a 10″ LP). After Homer died, Jethro put some nice stuff (solo and with Joe Venuti and others) out on Flying Fish in the 70s WELL worth checking out….also some live releases on David Grisman’s Acoustic Records. He’s also on various Steve Goodman tracks starting in his Asylum days…Goodman did gigs with him where he played Homer to Jethro that are legendary and a few tracks exist here and there in Goodman’s canon.

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