The Collection – Tomorrow Is a Window


Writers Artie Kornfeld and Steve Duboff in their guise as the
Changin’ Times on Shivaree in 1965


Eddie Simon (left) and some other guy with a guitar…


Listen/Download – The Collection – Tomorrow Is a Window

Greetings all.

Welcome to 2013…

The tune I have for you today is an especially groovy one, so open up your Sunshine Pop ears and dig.

I haven’t been able to track down anything much on The Collection.

The cut you see before you today – ‘Tomorrow Is a Window’ – was released in 1968, with a great version of ‘Both Sides Now’ on the flip.

I’ve been picking up a lot of Sunshine Pop-type stuff over the last few years, mainly because it’s obscure (I’m always on the hunt for new sounds) and generally very cheap (on account of I’m a cheapskate).

‘Tomorrow Is a Window’ was released in 1968 and as far as I can tell generated absolutely zero chart heat anywhere in the known universe.

This is of course too bad, because if the sunshiney thing is your bag, this is an especially groovy example of the species.

It does come with a rather nice pedigree, being co-written by Eddie Simon (brother of the famous Paul), Artie Kornfeld and Steve Duboff (of the Changin’ Times) and arranged by Jimmy Wisner.

Eddie Simon is a very interesting guy who was completely unknown to me until about a year ago. I was watching a 1969 Simon and Garfunkel TV special, and at one point I see a guy sitting next to Paul Simon (who  looked just like him), and I say to my wife ‘I wonder if that’s his brother?’ I set to Googling and whattyaknow, it was indeed his brother, who had an interesting career of his own.

In addition to the Collection, he recorded with a group called the Guild Light Gauge, and as one half of the duo Crib and Ben, releasing singles with both.*

The vocalist is a guy with a high voice (maybe Eddie??) , though there are times where he is joined by a female singer.

The arrangement starts out kind of bubblegummy, but soon jums up a few notches on the cool scale, with some sophisticated strings and a soaring harmony vocal that can only be described as Boettcher-esque (I would suggest the use of headphones to get the full effect).

Discogs lists a second 45 by the group, but I see nothing on the label that would suggest that it was in fact the same crew. If anyone has any additional info, please drop me a line.

That all said, this is the kind of stuff that can be described (in a complimentary manner, of course) as ear candy.

I hope you dig it, and I’ll see you all next week.





*NOTE: Please make sure to stop by my man Danny’s stupendous blog Office Naps, as he beat me to the punch on this one by over a year, and drops some serious knowledge about Eddie Simon’s other work.

PS Head over to Funky16Corners for some soul.

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  1. Cheers, Larry, thanks for the mention and have a great New Year, man.

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