5 comments on “The Cowsills – Gotta Get Away From It All / I Need a Friend

  1. very nice assessment Larry. Just last week picked up the Phillips stuff on a cash-in record (w/ Lincoln Park Zoo!) and it’s pretty good. Also recently got the infamous American Dairy Association EP, a must-have for Cowsills fans.

    How about Susan in 2011 singing “To Sir With Love” a capella while her band gets ready?

    Wow. Just wow.

  2. Thanks, Porky! I just got the milk EP too!
    The Joda 45 is a real departure, garage on one side and Beatle beat on the other.
    That video was great.

  3. Hello Larry. I was one of those people who had The Cowsills greatest hits and knew the basics of their history, but the documentary made me realize how truly important they were to 60’s pop music. Of course I immediately went to i tunes and bought a bunch of stuff I didn’t already have. The Susan solo work is really impressive, and I have to tell you she deserves a much bigger part of music discussions than she already gets.(which doesn’t seem to be much). She deserves to be right up there with the best of them. Another group which I think needs a reexamining is The Carpenters. They certainly had a hand in the Sunshine Pop genre, and I think they still get a bad rap in some music circles. I hope as far as you’re concerned that that’s not the case. Kudos to The Cowsills and let’s see some more touring and recording.

  4. @Mark – I think the post-60s Cowsills era deserves a lot more attention than it gets. Lots of interesting stuff from Bill (as artist and producer), Susan (solo and with various bands) and the reconstituted group in various configurations.
    I dig the Carpenters, but haven’t really explored their stuff beyond the first album and the obvious hits. They are definitely on my list for further investigation.

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