4 comments on “George Jones RIP

  1. Well said. The best classic country is indeed soul music, which makes the soulless stuff that passes for country now especially tragic.

  2. My portal to Jones was Elvis Costello, who was championing George when I was in my new-wave phase. I was also into rockabilly at the time and discovered the Thumper Jones tunes on Starday re-issues as well as “Maybe Little Baby” “Just Little Boy Blue” etc.

    I defy anyone to listen to “The Grand Tour” without the hair raising on the back of their neck.

    Was watching some clips on youtube and in the flat-top days his eyes had the look of a caged animal; you described it succintly above.

  3. And I thought “Chug A Lug” by The Beach Boys had to be the only song in the world about root beer. I learn something new every day.

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