8 comments on “The Giant Crab – ESP

  1. Wow, I am so pleased to see (and hear) the love for Giant Crab here. After this final single, the band morphed into Big Brother featuring Ernie Joseph and did a couple albums on All-American, the first of which included “E.S.P.” in a different mix.
    (The Paul Buff archive series includes some nice Giant Crab and Bib Bro, including yet another mix of “E.S.P.”!)

    I became a fan after discovering their first album, also on UNI, the incredible A GIANT CRAB COMES FORTH (on which “Hot Line Conversation” originally appeared). Unlike the second, …HELIOS album, which was all cover songs that Crab manager Bill Holmes wanted to push, the first includes a number of blazing originals (like “Hot Line…”).
    Both their UNI albums were issued on CD for the first time a couple years ago and are highly recommended.

    Giant Crab’s story is fascinating, so much so I’ve been writing a book about them, available to read (free) here: http://giantcrabcomesforth.wordpress.com/

    The Orosco brothers’ story was the subject of an award-winning documentary last year, http://blogcritics.org/dvd-review-makin-it-2012/

    This ain’t a plug for my crappy writing but, as you say, to get the Crab’s music better known. It’s the real thing.

  2. That’s very interesting. I was unaware of those other versions. I’ll have to do some research to figure out what the overall timeline was.
    The source material for all would have to trace back to the Pretty Things.
    How at least two other authors thought they could get away with lifting the song (with minor revisions) is a mystery.

    • My recollection is that the two credited for “E.S.P.” on the Giant Crab single, Self/Ciebiera, were in The Rain, the band that cut the song originally in 1966, with the Beaver Patrol’s version the next year.
      Coincidentally, Rain’s version was included on a Varese Saraband collection, GARAGE ROCK CLASSICS, followed by a Giant Crab track (“Listen Girl,” one of their pre-UNI single sides)!

  3. Giant Crab would play at a local youth night club in town when I was in high school. I believe they also played at one of the high school dances. It was challenging to get bands to make the trip out to the desert for what we could pay, but GC always gave a good show.

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