2 comments on “Best of Iron Leg: Iron Leg Digital Trip #16 – Almost Fab

  1. Larry, we’re entirely on the same page with “Feelin’ Lost.” I could put that on a tape loop and never tire of it.

    I seriously hunted fake Beatle stuff and years ago put some Mersey sounding stuff on tape which became one of my favorite self-made comps (tape was titled “Messy Mersey”). Can’t recall them off hand but the cool pre-CCR Golliwogs “Don’t Tell Me No Lies” was on it.

  2. Hi Larry, just catching up on what you’ve been up tp over the last
    few months … I’m so busy being a moderator at http://www.45cat.com
    that it’s difficult finding enough time to keep up with the wider
    internet world.

    RE Terry and The Chain Reaction .. this was the B-side of their
    original version of “Keep Your Cool” which you might know from
    the version by Plan 9, that’s the version I heard first and prefer
    .. maybe I’d prefer Terry’s if I’d heard that first.

    Anyway .. Terry Woodford and his group recorded this and a follow up single at Rick Hall’s Fame Studios, I’d guess the “J. Johnson” in the writer credits is the great Fame session man Jimmy Johnson.

    Woodford went on to form a writing / producing partnership with
    Clayton Ivey which was responsible for stacks of interesting records
    in the seventies … Gwen Owens, Ralph Graham, The Commodores, The Temptations, The Supremes, Bobby Sheen and dozens more.
    Check out Bottom and Co’s “Gonna Find A True Love” (Motown
    1291, 1974) … a brilliant track.

    Davie Gordon

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