7 comments on “The Daily Flash – Jack Of Diamonds b/w Queen Jane Approximately

  1. I am having some serious 45 envy on this one. This is such a great record and it has been on my Wish List for quite some time. The A Side is just a monster of a song. That freak out guitar lead at 1:38 is just insane. If this had come out of the UK I think it would fit right in with the Wimple Winch, The Eyes, The Sorrows and the likes.

    I’m glad you included both sides of the Parrot record. The Flip-Side is really solid.

    For those wanting to hear the follow up single, you can listen here.

  2. I agree that it almost has a freakbeat vibe. It took me a while to find this one. I have a UNI promo with ‘The French Girl’ on both sides. In your post you mention a third 45. What songs are on it?

  3. I wore this track out on a Nuggets Northwest comp on Rhino, not a psych fan but this has plenty of rocking bang for the buck.

  4. There is a new Daily Flash archive collection in the pipeline that will include a whole lot of previously unheard recordings.

  5. Just thought I could get “Jack of Diamonds” as a reissue on the sundazed-ep from 1996 but they mistitled it (as it is really a different and uninteresting track called “Bonnie Ship The Diamond”). Damn! So beware if you search via ebay or discogs!

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