4 comments on “Pre-Monkee-fication: Sir Raleigh and the Coupons b/w Del Shannon

  1. Great tune. A year earlier they released a single on A&M, “White Cliffs of Dover” also with Coupons misspelled as Cupons. Two mistakes in a row or done on purpose?

  2. doing some research it’s amazing how many Monkee songs were first released by others. Other than these there was “Words” “Steppin’ Stone,” “I’m Gonna Buy Me a Dog” and “Mary, Mary.”

    Of course being involved with a big company like Screen Gems probably helped throw them open to whoever wanted them.

    • Porky – I was just mulling this over this week, in reference to the Butterfield Blues Band version of ‘Mary Mary’. I suspect that there was a brisk business in song pluggers and/or A&R people hustling publishers demos around. Look at how many times Joni Mitchell’s early stuff got covered by groups like Fairport Convention or Dave Van Ronk and the Hudson Dusters.
      I’ve always wondered as well, despite their rep as ‘The Monkees’ songwriters’, how much Boyce and Hart were pushing their songs outside of that particular orbit?

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