3 comments on “Paul Revere 1938-2014

  1. In April a friend couldn’t use his Raiders tickets so a friend and I went. I’m not a big fan of “recreated” bands but they were good. Paul was definitely not well, just played the part of MC and joke-cracker (another guy played keyboards). Bonus: the New Colony Six (in full Raider-like regalia) opened the show.

    Recently got a “Hall of Fame” Columbia 45 of Louie, Louie/Louie Go Home. Yes, it was the original slowed down Louie Go Home, a great record and wow what they did with it in the later version!!

    “Let Me” (single version, son, single version!!) is a childhood favorite, one I remember hearing on the radio as a 9-year old.

    Naturally, you covered all their highlights. Thanks Larry

  2. It wasn’t “hip” to like the Raiders in the lat ’60s, but I always (secretly) watched “Action” when I got home from high school. AnI still have the 45s. Mono…the only way to ride!–Bill

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