2 comments on “The Kaleidoscope – Elevator Man

  1. “Bacon From Mars”!! That’s classic…I was at Barry Friedman’s home on Fountain Avenue in Hollywood when Stills, Martin and Furay were staying at his place (behind another house). They were playing the master for “Please,” from the first album. I loved the song–and went straight to Wallach’s Music City at Sunset & Vine and bought “She’s Got the Time,” by the Poor–managed by Barry. “Please” wasn’t available yet. I got it a couple of weeks later on the “Side Trips” album. A great song, as was “Egyptian Gardens.” Randy Meisner was in The Poor, and I hung around with him before he became part of The Eagles. Barry moved to Canada with his wife (Essra Mohawk) and Barry changed his name to Fraizer Mohawk. Kaleidoscope was a very eclectic group…Lindley, Chris Darrow, David Felthouse…they were excellent musicians and should have done better–but they were a bit off the chart for some reason. Beacon From Mars and Bernice didn’t reach the level of “Side Trips.”

  2. Great song, Larry. In fact, I just picked it up on eBay a couple of weeks ago and was planning on writing about it at On The Flip-Side. You’ve beat us to it…again. Kudos to you and your great blog.

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