3 comments on “Who the Hell Were Mike Landers and Bobby Sty?

  1. I’m in. Even if it’s cheesy. I dig your mission to get to the bottom of all these stories of players in the music biz trying to capitalize on the scene. The ’60’s will rock on forever, they will live. What a rich time.
    Thanks so much.

  2. Hit Tunes Records sounds like a label created Sherwood Schwartz’s prop department, or a Mafia tax shelter. But that’s the 60s, they had gold to play with in “Hush” and “I Can See…”

  3. Nice post. Personally I always grab 45s on the budget label Hit! Records (Nashville, I think) because there are some great, amateurish versions of big soul and rock hits to be found. The Classmates doing “Susie Q” is a good example.

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