3 comments on “Bobbie Graham – Zoom, Widge and Wag

  1. Graham, who has since died, wrote on this 45 in the notes to his excellent 2000 compilation CD “Crazy Drums – Crazy Drummer!”:

    “I think Jack Baverstock (head of A&R at Fontana) thought that they would turn me into the British Sandy Nelson – no way! I had my own idea of what I wanted to do, and this was the result, which was about as far away from Sandy Nelson as you could get. Jack said I had complete artistic control over the project, which included playing, producing and even writing the B side. The only thing he insisted on was that the record had a Dave Clark ‘Stamp Feel’. So along with arranger Nicky Welsh and fellow session musician Jimmy Page we sallied forth to make what was a great jazz classic [‘Skin Deep’] into a pop record of the ’60s. When the record was released I was surprised to find that Fontana had changed the spelling of my name to Bobbie instead of Bobby. Maybe their label design department thought I was a female singer.”

    During this period, Graham acted more generally as a kind of right-hand man to Jack Baverstock, who was a middle-aged MOR guy only too glad to be rid of producing the likes of the Pretty Things – whom Graham not only produced, but wrote songs with (“Can’t Stand the Pain”, “You Don’t Believe Me”).

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