5 comments on “Iron Leg Radio Show Episode #121

  1. Larry, this playlist was utterly enjoyable. Every track astutely chosen. So good to hear Drake, Lightfoot and (underrated) Noel Harrison in there, but so many other fine tracks that were new to me. Cheers from Lyn Nuttall, Down Here.

  2. Hi Larry, a random request here i know… just wondering if you could help an old follower out recognising a cover of a song I believe you (may have) posted way back when on Iron Leg i believe. Waaaay back (like maybe 10 years) The song was a cover of Neil Young’s “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere”, which i thought was better than even the Neil Young original recording. Probably recorded from close to around the same time (re the production as i remember it) and presume it was a vinyl release, so they must known in collectors circles. It was a full band (male vocalist) but a *slightly* faster and maybe even heavier guitar than the original especially in the build-up to the chorus thud-riff… Had a bigger band sound to it than the original but still relatively Byrds country-jangle with an 70’s raw AM radio vibe. The guitar in it was just meaty as f— is what i remember and then has a much more cleaner group vocal “la-la-la” bit.

    Have tried searching covers online (Matthew Sweet, etc.) the ones that pop up but none of them are it… i remember it sounded more of a recording from the Neil Young OG period, maybe with a little more CCR to it. It’s wrecking my head hahah… but you might know it off the bat. Maybe the trouble is it was a cover but not noted the same titleas the original, or an abbreviated version of the Young/Crazy Horse OG? Please *any* help or suggestions would be much appreciated! All the best, and thank you for the music as ever!


    • David – The only other version I have is the Matthew Sweet/Susannah Hoffs cover. I see that there are covers by Tom Stevens of the Long Ryders and Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes. Could it be one of those?

      • Seems to have deleted my reply… thanks for the quick response Larry. Unfortunately no neither of those… strange… I have this niggling feeling it was a cover but under a different title maybe. Was pretty certain it was your blog but maybe not… thanks anyways.

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