Iron Leg Digital Trip Podcast Archive



Iron Leg Podcast #1 – Soul Garage


Soul Survivors – Shakin With Linda (Pebbles reissue)
Insights – You Got It Made (RCA)
British Walkers – Shake (Cameo)
Hole In the Wall – Bring It On Home (Epic)
Ill Winds – I Idolize You (Reprise)
St Louis Union – Respect (Decca)
Standells – 99 and a half (Tower)
Apparitions – Midnight Hour (Caped Crusader reissue)
Rationals – Respect (Cameo)
Mauds – Soul Drippin’ (Mercury)
Human Beinz – Nobody But Me (Capitol)
Namelosers – Land of 1000 Dances (Searching for Shakes reissue)

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The Freaked Out Mind Blowing Scene of Right Now

Set List.
– Fever (Bang)
Cryan Shames – Ben Franklin’s Almanac (Destination)
Rationals – Out In the Streets (A2)
The Lime – Soul Kitchen (Westwood)
Strangeloves – Night Time (Bang)
Music Machine – Masculine Intuition (Original Sound)
British Walkers – Diddley Daddy (Try)
Guilloteens – For My Own (HBR)
Sidekicks – Not Now (RCA)
New Colony Six – Let Me Love You (Sentar)

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The Hippie Revolt


The Travel Agency – She Understands (Viva)
Turtles – She’s My Girl (White Whale)
Kak – Everything Changes (Epic)
Cherry Slush – I Cannot Stop You (USA)
Mr Lucky & the Gamblers – Alice Designs (Panorama)
Clear Light – Black Roses (Elektra)
Fever Tree – Come On In (Ampex)
Griffin – I’m Taking the Freeway (ABC)
Steampacket 2 – Take Her Anytime (Polydor)
Human Beinz – The Shaman (Capitol)




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Timothy Leary’s Dead


Harumi – Talk About It (Verve)
Fox – Butterfly (Crewe)
Johnny Rivers – Hey Joe (Imperial)
Sweet Thursday – Molly (Great Western Gramophone)
JK & Co. – Break of Dawn/Fly (White Whale)
West – The Dolphins (Epic)
Orpheus – Lesley’s World (MGM)
Bit-a-Sweet – If I Needed Someone (ABC)
Strawberry Alarm Clock – Pretty Song From Psych Out (Uni)




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The Party


1 Henry Mancini (The Party OST) – The Party (vocal) (RCA)
2 Keith Mansfield – Boogaloo (CBS)
3 Enoch Light – Over Under Sideways Down (Project 3)
4 Moe Koffman – Dr Swahili (Jubilee)
5 Mr Jamo – Shake What You Brought With You Pt1 (SSS Intl)
6 Dick Hyman – The Liquidators (Command)
7 Walter Wanderley – Kee Ka Roo (Verve)
8 Sweet Charity OST – The Pompeii Club (Rich Man’s Frug) (Decca)
9 John Philip Soul & his Stone Marching Band – That Memphis Thing (Pepper)
10 Andre Brasseur – The Duck (Palette)
11 Tony Newman – Soul Thing (Parrot)
12 Jimmy Caravan – Look Into the Flower (Vault)
13 Vic Mizzy (Don’t Make Waves OST) – Vox Box (MGM)
14 New London Rhythm & Blues Band – Soul Stream (Vocalion)
15 Dave Grusin (Candy OST) – Ascension to Virginity (ABC)
16 Henry Mancini (the Party OST) – The Party (instr) (RCA)



Los Bravos

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Fortunes – Fire Brigade (UA)
Easybeats – Made My Bed Now I’m Gonna Lie in It (UA)
Moody Blues – This Is My House (London)
Los Bravos – Going Nowhere (Press)
Timebox – Girl Don’t Make Me Wait (Deram)
Gary Walker – You Don’t Love Me (Date)
Dave Dee, Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich – Hideaway (Fontana)
Thors Hammer – Show Me You Like Me (Columbia)
Herd – Understand Me (Fontana)
Paul & Barry Ryan – Hey Mr Wiseman (Decca)
Cat Stevens – Baby Get Your Head Screwed On (Deram)



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Marmalade – I See The Rain (Epic)
Equals – Skies Above (RCA)
Bee Gees – Earnest of Being George (ATCO)
Pink Floyd – Candy and a Currant Bun (Harvest)
Donovan – Museum (Epic)
Fox – Glad I Could (Crewe)
Jethro Toe (Tull) – Aeroplane (MGM)
Virgin Sleep – Love (Deram)
Syn – Grounded (Deram)
Outer Limits – Help Me Please (Deram)
Timebox – Gone is the Sad Man (Deram)



Richard & Mimi Farina

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Sandy Bull – Gospel Tune (Vanguard)
Gordon Lightfoot – For Lovin’ Me (WB)
Mimi & Richard Farina – Dandelion River Run (Vanguard)
Fred Neil – The Other Side of This Life (Elektra)
Turley Richards – Then I’ll Go Away (WB)
John Fahey – Sunflower River Blues (Takoma)
Tom Rush – The Cuckoo (Elektra)
Dave Van Ronk – Come Back Baby (Folkways)
Eric Andersen – Violets of Dawn (Vanguard)
John Hammond Jr – See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (Vanguard)
Emmitt Rhodes – Golden Child of God (ABC/Dunhill)
John Fahey – John Henry Variations (Takoma)



Some Appropriate Kaleidoscopic Imagery…

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Kaleidoscope – Flight From Ashiya (Decca)
Virgin Sleep – Halliford House (Deram)
Sauterelles – Dream Machine (London)
Apple – Buffalo Billycan (Page One)
Spooky Tooth – Sunshine Help Me (Mala)
Outer Limits – Just One More Chance (Deram)
World Of Oz – Peters Birthday (Black and White Rainbows) (Deram)
Dead Sea Fruit – Kensington High Street (Atco)
Tintern Abbey – Vacuum Cleaner (See For Miles)
Equals – The Guy Who Made Her a Star (RCA)
Soft Machine – Love Makes Sweet Music (Polydor)



Hippified bliss…

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Spirit – Girl in your eye (Epic)
Buffalo Springfield – Expecting To Fly (Atco)
The Association – Everything That Touches You (WB)
Beach Boys – I Know There’s An Answer (Capitol)
Rolling Stones – She Smiled Sweetly (Abcko)
Grateful Dead – Dark Star (45 Edit) (WB)
Pearls Before Swine – I Saw the World (ESP Disk)
Simon & Garfunkel – Fakin’ It (Columbia)
Steve Miller Band – Quicksilver Girl (Capitol)
Zombies – Beechwood Park (Date)
Fleetwood Mac – My Dream (Reprise)
Richie Havens – Strawberry Fields Forever (Verve)
The Who – Rael (Decca)



Mod Fun on stage at The Dive (1986)
Photo by Andy Peters

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Smithereens – Just Got Me a Girl (Dirt)
Secret Syde – A Hole In My Pocket (Mutha)
Mod Fun – I Am With You (New)
Lord John – Westminiature Abbey (Bomp)
Phantom Five – She’s Not (Making Tyme)
Laughing Soup Dish – Teenage Lima Bean (Voxx)
Insomniacs – My Favorite Story (Umbrella)


Mod girl dancing at The Dive (1986)
Photo by Andy Peters
All the photos in this piece were taken by Andy Peters, who if he knows what’s good for him will put together and publish a coffee table book on the scene.

Fleshtones – F-F-F-Fascination (Red Star)
Vipers – Nothings From Today (Jem/PVC)
Mad Violets – Psilocybe (Voxx)
Fuzztones – Bad News Travels Fast (Midnight)
Tryfles – Had Enough of Your Lies (Midnight)
Secret Service – I’ve Been Hurt So Many Times (Invader)
Optic Nerve – Ain’t That a Man (Cryptovision)
Stepford Husbands – I’m Rowed Out (Cryptovision)
Roman Gods – San Francisco Girls (NBT)

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Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth RIP.

Guilloteens – Hey You (HBR)
Sonics – Love-Itis (Jerden)
Lindy Blaskey & the Lavells – You Ain’t Tuff (Space)
Beckett Quintet – No Correspondence (Gemcor)
David Clayton Thomas – Done Somebody Wrong (Decca)
Knickerbockers – I Must Be Doing Something Right (Challenge)
Mystery Bonus Track
Apparitions – She’s So Satisfying (Caped Crusader)
Max Frost & the Troopers – Let Your Mind Run Free (Tower)
Sonics – Lost Love (Picadilly)

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Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth RIP.

Bob Seger & the Last Heard – East Side Story (Cameo)
Boo Boo & Bunky – This Old Town (Brent)
Darelycks – Bad Trip (Fine)
Lindy Blaskey & the Lavells – Let It Be (Space)
Sonics – Maintaining My Cool (Jerden) 1966
Starlites – I Can’t See You (Barclay)
Mystery Bonus Track
Kit & The Outlaws – Don’t Tread On Me (Black Knight)
Springfield Rifle – 100 or Two (Jerden)
Terry Knight & the Pack – Numbers (Lucky Eleven)
Mouse & the Traps – Beg Borrow and Steal (Fraternity)
Bob Seger System – Down Home (Capitol)

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Helmut Zacharias – Hurdy Gurdy Man (Capitol)
Four Freshmen – Hurdy Gurdy Man (Liberty)
Enoch Light – Sunshine Superman (Project 3)
Paul Horn – Eight Miles High (RCA)
David McCallum – Turn Turn Turn (Capitol)
Brooklyn Bridge – Nights In White Satin (Buddah)
Ronnie Aldrich – Ride My See Saw (London)
Bud Shank – Cocoanut Grove (World Pacific)
Artie Schroeck Implosion – Six O’Clock (Verve)
Duane Eddy – Monday Monday (Reprise)
Tony Hatch – Black Is Black (Warner Brothers)
Roger Coulam – Dizzy (Contour)
Enoch Light – Marrakesh Express (Project 3)

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Johnny Bond – X15 (Republic)
Dickie Goodman – Martian Melody (Luniverse)
Jim Lowe – Take Us To Your President (Dot)
Rockers – Rocket Ship (Mark)
Buchanan & Goodman – Flying Saucer the 2nd (Luniverse)
The Saucerman – Saucer Serenade (Luniverse)
Buchanan & Goodman – The Flying Saucer Goes West (Luniverse)
The Busters – Astronaut (Arlen)
Billy Lee Riley – Flying Saucers Rock and Roll (Sun)

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Rationals – Feelin’ Lost (Cameo)
The Profile – The Touch of Your Hand (Mercury)
Naturals – It Was You (Liberty)
Beau Brummels – They’ll Make You Cry (Autumn)
British Walkers – That Was Yesterday (Cameo)
Guess Who – Till We Kissed (Scepter)
Tony’s Tygers – Days and Nights (A&M)
Legends – Here Comes the Pain (WB)
Terry & the Chain Reaction – Stop Stopping Me (United Artists)
British Beat a Go Go – Ticket To Ride (Majorette)
Denny Belline & the Dwellers – It Happens That Way (RCA)
Legends – Don’t Be Ashamed (WB)

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Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones – Black Slacks (ABC – Paramount)
Boyd Bennett – Boogie Bear (Mercury)
OC & the Holidays – The Tuttle (Warners)
Eddie Cochran – Something Else (Liberty)
Ray Sharpe – Linda Lu (Jamie)
Jim Dandees – The Loco Motion (Star Crest)
Buddy Knox & the Rhythm Orchids – C’ Mon Baby (Roulette)
Buzz Clifford – Baby Sittin’ Boogie (Columbia)
Duals – Oozy Groove (Infinity)
George Hamilton IV – If You Don’t Know (ABC – Paramount)
Four Jets – Jet Black (Capitol)
Link Wray – Turnpike USA (Swan)
Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones – I Dig You (ABC – Paramount)
Kipper & the Exciters – Drum Twist (Torch)

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The Holy Mackerel and Paul Williams (bottom)

Free Design – Bubbles (Project 3)
New Breed – Live for Today (Canterbury)
Southwest FOB – Rock’n’roll Woman (Hip)
Beethoven Soul – Walking Through the Streets of My Mind (Dot)
Clique – Holiday (White Whale)
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich – If I Were a Carpenter (Imperial)
Rotary Connection – Soul Man (Cadet)
New Vaudeville Band – There’s a Kind of Hush (Fontana)
Roger Nicholls and the Small Circle of Friends – Can I Go (A&M)
1910 Fruitgum Company – Blue Eyes and Orange Skies (Buddah)
Gary Walker & the Rain – The Sun Shines (Shanghai)
The Holy Mackerel – The Secret of Pleasure (Reprise)
The Association – Goodbye Forever (WB)
Nilsson – River Deep Mountain High (RCA)

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Uncalled Four – Do Like Me (Laurie)
The Pack – Next To Your Fire (Capitol)
The Sophomores – I Know I Should (SS7)
49th Parallel – (Come On Little Child and) Talk To Me (Maverick)
Butlers – It’s a Fine Time (Cameo/Parkway)
Kidds – Straighten Up and Fly Right (Big Beat)
Guilloteens – Wild Child (Columbia)
Michael & the Messengers – Midnight Hour (USA)
Thee Muffins – Surprise Surprise (private)
Mouse and the Traps – I Satisfy (Fraternity)
Standells – Why Did You Hurt Me (Tower)
Blues Magoos – Gotta Get Away (Mercury)
Tino & the Revelons – I’m Coming Home (Dearborn)

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Lynne Randell – It’s a Hoedown (Epic)
Nilsson – Together (RCA)
Primrose Circus – PS Call Me Lulu (Mira)
Blue Things – The Orange Rooftop of Your Mind (RCA)
Chere – There But For Fortune (Imperial)
Clique – Superman (White Whale)
Francoise Hardy – Ce Petit Couer (4 Corners)
Moody Blues – Fly Me High (London)
Hondells – Just One More Chance (Columbia)
Gene & Debbe – Playboy (TRX)
Colin Blunstone – Caroline Goodbye (Epic)
Kaleidoscope – Holidaymaker (Fontana)
Buzzy Linhart – The Love’s Still Growing (Kama Sutra)
The Lime – Love a Go Go (Westwood)
Jacques Dutronc – Et Moi Et Moi Et Moi (Vogue)
Lyme & Cybelle – Follow Me (White Whale)
Paul Revere & the Raiders – The Great Airplane Strike (Columbia)
Thoughts – All Night Stand (Planet)
Shanes – Chris Craft Number 9 (Capitol)
Simon & Garfunkel – Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine (Columbia)
Small Faces – All or Nothing (RCA)
Nashville Teens – Find My Way Home (London)
Brenda Lee – The Crying Game (Decca)

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The sullen looking Lloyd Cole


Tommy Keene – Back Again (Try)(Dolphin) 1984Biff Bang Pow – There Must Be a Better Life (Creation) 1984

Game Theory – 24 (Alias) 1985

Peter Case – Satellite Beach (Geffen) 1986

Dentists – I’m Not the Devil (Homestead) 1985

Lloyd Cole & The Commotions – Rattlesnakes (Capitol) 1984

Chills – Party In My Heart (Homestead) 1987

Sam Phillips – Holding Onto The Earth (Virgin) 1988

Spongetones – Anna (Triapore) 1987

Any Trouble – Second Choice (Stiff) 1980

Neats – Six (Propellor) 1984

Donnie Iris – Ah Leah (MCA) 1980

Bonnie Hayes & Wild Combo – Girls Like Me (Slash) 1982

Kings – The Beat Goes On/Switching To Glide (Elektra) 1980

Adventures – Another Silent Day (Chrysalis) 1984

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Iron Leg Digital Trip #22 – Memories of a Not So Free Festival
Grand Funk Railroad – Inside Looking Out (Capitol)
US Sound – Toady Frog Clan (Trump)
Steppenwolf – Tighten Up Your Wig (Dunhill)
Rod Stewart – Street Fighting Man (Mercury)
Three Dog Night – Feelin’ Alright (Dunhill)
Milwaukee Freak Scene – Land of Plastic (SSM)
Offenbach – Moody Calvaire Moody (Barclay)
Country Joe & The Fish – Rock and Soul Music (Cotillion)
Leslie West – This Wheel’s On Fire (Windfall)
Natural Gas – What Do You Want From My Life (Firebird)
Rationals – Barefootin’ (Crewe)
Humble Pie – I Don’t Need No Doctor (A&M)

Listen – Iron Leg Digital Trip #22 Mixed MP3



Baker Knight & the Knightmares – Hallucinations
Manfred Mann – 5-4-3-2-1
Rattles – Come On and Sing
Del Shannon – Little Town Flirt
Dave Berry – Don’t Gimme No Lip Child
Herman’s Hermits – No Milk Today
Turtles – Outside Chance
Jacques Dutronc – Et Moi Et Moi Et Moi
Yardbirds – Over Under Sideways Down
Peter Lee Stirling – 8:35 On the Dot
Thane Russal – Drop Everything and Run
Changin’ Tymes – How Is the Air Up There
Choir – I’m Going Home


Terry Reid – Superlungs (Epic)
New Zealand Trading Co. – Jam and Anti-Freeze (Memphis)
Wizards From Kansas – Codine (Mercury)
JK and Co – Land of Sensations and Delights (White Whale)
Robin McNamara – Aren’t You Thinking of Me (Steed)
Janis Ian – Son of Love (Verve)
Mighty Baby – Same Way To the Sun (Head)
Jack Bruce – Rope Ladder to the Moon (Atco)
Love – The Red Telephone (Elektra)
Holy Mackerel – Wildflowers (Reprise)
Tommy Roe – Cry On Crying Eyes (ABC)
Association – Birthday Morning (WB)
Kak – Rain (Epic)

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The Millennium

Sonny & Cher – It’s Gonna Rain (Atlantic)
Lesley Gore – The Bubble Broke (Mercury)
Tommy Roe – Misty Eyes (ABC)
Janis Ian – Sweet Misery (Verve)
Millennium – Prelude/To Claudia On Thursday (Columbia)
Cast of Thousands – My Jenny Wears a Mini (Tower)
Sundowners – Sunny Day People (Decca)
Merry Go Round – Time Will Show The Wiser (A&M)
Association – Come On In (WB)
Kingsmen – Little Sally Tease (Wand)
Paul Revere & the Raiders – Louise (Columbia)
JK & Company – Crystal Ball (White Whale)
Blood Sweat and Tears – Smiling Phases (Columbia)
Kaleidoscope – Pulsating Dream (Epic)
New Zealand Trading Company – Oh What a Day (Memphis)
Rugbys – You I (Amazon)

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Iron Leg Digital Trip #26 – Super Duper 45RPM Folk Rock
Psychedelic Fuzz Dance Party!

Bad Seeds – He’s Lying (Columbia)
Blue Things – You Can Live In Our Tree (RCA)
Ron-Dels – Picture of You (Smash)
The Wicked – The Spider and the Fly (Isabelle)
Beckett Quintet – It’s All Over Now Baby Blue (Gemcor)
Cast of Thousands – Girl What You Gonna Do (Tower)
Middle Window – Treasure Land (Garm)
New Breed – One More for the Good Guys (HBR)
HP Lovecraft – Wayfaring Stranger (Philips//Dunwich)
Five by Five – Hang Up (Paula)
Bards – Jabberwocky (Capitol)
Blues Magoos – We Ain’t Got Nothin’ Yet (Smash)
Bob Seger & the Last Heard – East Side Sound (Cameo)
Unlimited – You’re Never There (Century)
Them – Call My Name (Parrot)

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Iron Leg Digital Trip #27 – The Sound of the Walker Brothers

Make It Easy On Yourself
Love Her
You’re All Around Me
The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore
After the Lights Go Out
Take It Like a Man
(Baby) You Don’t Have To Tell Me
My Love Is Growing
Living Above Your Head
The Saddest Night In the World
I Can See It Now
Saturday’s Child
I Wanna Know
I Can’t Let It Happen To You
Just Say Goodbye

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Iron Leg Digital Trip #28 – I Just Want To Be Your Friend:
The Sounds of Curt Boettcher

Goldebriars – Pretty Girls and Rolling Stones (Epic) +
Association – Along Comes Mary (WB)
Jacobson & Tansley – Dream With Me (Filmways)
Lee Mallory – Take My Hand (Valiant)
Sunshine Company – I Just Want To Be Your Friend (Imperial) +
Tommy Roe – Aggravation (ABC)
Tommy Roe – Leave Here (ABC)
Sagittarius – Another Time (Columbia) +
Sagittarius – I’m Not Living Here (Columbia) +
Sunshine Company – If You Only Knew (Imperial) +
Millennium – I Just Want To Be Your Friend (Columbia) +
Millennium – The Know It All (Columbia) +
Eternity’s Children – Mrs Bluebird (Tower)
Association – Just About the Same (WB)
Hep Stars – Would You Like To Go (Cupol) +
Hep Stars – Another Time (Cupol) +
Sandy Salisbury – Do Unto Others (Together)
Sandy Salisbury – Cecily (Together) +
Curt Boettcher – Levis Commercial +
Phyllis Brown – Another Time (Barnaby) +
Curt Boetcher – I Love You More Each Day (Elektra) +
Curt Boetcher – Malachi Star (Elektra)
Curt Boetcher – Love You, Yes I Do (Elektra) +
Curt Becher & California – Happy In Hollywood (WB)
Brady Bunch – I Just Want To Be Your Friend (Paramount) +
+ denotes a song written or co-written by Curt Boettcher

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Iron Leg Digital Trip #29 – How To Pop!!!!

Archies – Melody Hill (Calendar)
Candymen – Ways (ABC)
Turtles – Sound Asleep (White Whale)
Lee Mallory – Many Are the Times (Valiant)
Love Generation – The Love In Me (Imperial)
Merry Go Round – Early In the Morning (A&M)
Mark Eric – Night of the Lions (45edit)(Revue)
The Robbs – Bittersweet (Mercury)
Clique – Hallelujah (White Whale)
Hardy Boys – I Can Hear the Grass Singin’ (RCA)
Holy Mackerel – Scorpio Red (Reprise)
Nilsson – Daddy’s Song (APB edit) (RCA)
Klowns – Yellow Sunglasses (RCA)
Racket Squad – That’s How Much I Love My Baby ()
Wildweeds – Someday Morning (Chess)
Beethoven Soul – Dreams (Dot)
New Colony 6 – Treat Her Groovy (Mercury)
Orpheus – Congress Alley (MGM)
Byzantine Empire – You (Amy/Dunwich)
Peanut Gallery – Summer’s Over (Canterbury)
Moods – Gotta Figure Out (Bang)
Southwest FOB – On My Mind (Hip)

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Iron Leg Digital Trip #30 – The Year In Vintage Pop 2009

Kak – Rain (Epic)
Beau Brummels – One Too ManyMornings (WB)
Dudley Moore – The Real Stuff (London)
The Everly Brothers – Man With Money (WB)
Gene Clark – So You Say You Lost Your Baby (Columbia)
Lulu – Love Loves To Love Love (Epic)
McCoys – Say Those Magic Words (Bang)
Paul Revere & the Raiders – Too Much Talk (Columbia)
Blades of Grass – I Love You Alice B Toklas (Jubilee)
Cake – Baby That’s Me (Decca)
Free Design – Kites Are Fun (Project 3)
Enoch Light – You Showed Me (Project 3)
John Barry – A Man Alone (Decca)
Love Generation – Not Be Found (Imperial)
Mindbenders – Getting Harder All the Time (Fontana)
Puppet – Best Friend (Date)
Sunshine Company – Love That’s Where It Is (Imperial)
Mighty Baby – Egyptian Tomb (Head)
Kaleidoscope – Egyptian Garden (Epic)
Soft Machine – A Certain Kind (Command/ABC)
Linda Ronstadt – She’s a Very Lovely Woman (Capitol)
Steff – Where Did She Go (Epic)
Standells – Little Sally Tease (Tower)

Listen/Download 113MB Mixed MP3


Iron Leg Digital Trip #31 – Drugs, Love and Pot

Van Dyke Parks – Music for the Ice Capades Pt1 (WB)
Kaleidoscope – Keep Your Mind Open (Epic)
Wizards From Kansas – High Flying Bird (Mercury)
Mighty Baby – A Friend You Know But Never See (Head)
Bert Jansch – Poison (WB)
Poppy Family – Shadows On My Wall (London)
Steve Miller Band – My Friend (Capitol)
Yardbirds – White Summer (Epic)
Van Dyke Parks – Music for the Ice Capades Pt2 (WB)
Fever Tree – Death Is the Dancer (UNI)
The Litter – My Little Red Book (ABC/Probe)
Standells – Medication (Tower)
Jethro Tull – Fat Man (Reprise)
Van Dyke Parks – Music for the Ice Capades Pt3 (WB)
Clear Light – Think Again (Elektra)
Bubble Puppy – Lonely (International Artists)
Grateful Dead – Doin’ That Rag (alt version) (WB)
Millennium – Karmic Dream Sequence (Columbia)
Mephistopheles – Take a Jet (WB)

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Iron Leg Digital Trip #32 – A Not Unpleasing Splash of Colour

Keith Mansfield – Soul Thing (Pronit)
101 Strings – Jesus Christ Superstar (edit) (Alshire)
Jimmy Smith – The Cat (45 edit) (Verve)
Enoch Light – C’Mon and Swim (Command)
Living Strings – Out and About (Camden)
Mariano and the Unbelievables – Sunshine Superman (Capitol)
Lady Nelson and the Lords – Soho Strut (Dunhill)
Louis Bellson – The Eel (Project 3)
Quincy Jones – Mohair Sam (Mercury)
Lloyd Green – Steel Blue (Chart)
Mike Sharpe – Spook A Lou (Liberty)
Dave Pike Set – You’ve Got the Feeling (Wagram)
Vic Mizzy – Daybreak In Malibu (MGM)
Andre Brasseur – Pow Pow (MFP)
Virtues – Meditation of the Soul (Andee)
Enoch Light – Bond Street (Project 3)
New London Rhythm and Blues Band – Soul Mate (Vocalion)
Freddie Scott and the Seven Steps – It’s Not Unusual (Marlin)
101 Strings – Spinning Wheel (Alshire)
Mohawks – Baby Hold On Pt2 (Cotillion)
Moe Koffman – Funky Monkey (Jubilee)
US Air Force Academy Falconaires – Day Tripper (USAFA)
Keith Mansfield – Funky Fanfare (KPM)

Listen/Download 102MB/256K Mixed Mp3



Iron Leg Digital Trip #33 – Hey Ladies!!


Brian Auger and Julie Driscoll – Save Me (Polydor)

Jeannie Piersol – Your Sweet Inner Self (Cadet Concept)

Sweetwater – Look Out (Reprise)

Lulu – Love Love to Love Love (Epic)

Roberta Flack – Compared to What (Atlantic)

Lynne Randell – It’s a Hoedown (Epic)

Peggy Lipton – Wasn’t It You (Ode)

Evie Sands – I Can’t Let Go (Blue Cat)

Cher – Hey Joe (Imperial)

Shirley Bassey – Light My Fire (UA)

Janis Ian – Younger Generation Blues (Verve)

Jonna Gault – Good Vibrations (RCA)

Peggy Lee – Spinning Wheel (Capitol)

Herbie Mann and Tamiko Jones – The Sidewinder (Atlantic)

Roberta Lee – Come to the Sunshine (Montclare)

Rotary Connection – Burning of the Midnight Lamp (Cadet Concept)

Labelle – Won’t Get Fooled Again (WB)

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Iron Leg Digital Trip #34 – Symphonie du Sneetch


Unusual Sounds
In a Perfect Place
Run In the Sun
Take My Hand
You’re Gonna Need Her
…And I’m Thinking
Watch Me Burn
Weather Scene
Broke Up In My Hands
Behind The Shadow
Things We’ll Never See
The Fool For You
The Dog In Me
They Keep Me Running

Listen/Download 96MB/256K Mixed MP3



Iron Leg Digital Trip #35 – Vibrations


JK & Co. – Magical Fingers of Minerva (White Whale)
Shadows of Knight – Light Bulb Blues (Dunwich)
Wool – Combination of the Two (ABC)
Steve Marcus – Rain (Vortex)
Sagittarius – The Truth Is Not Real (CBS)
Thorinshield – One Girl (Philips)
Neon Philharmonic – Midsummer Night (WB)
Lynn Castle – Lady Barber (LHI)
Hearts and Flowers – The View From Ward 3 (Capitol)
Living Strings – Vibrations (Camden)
Mighty Baby – Been Down So Long (Head)
Terry Reid – Sweater (Epic)
Parade – This Old Melody (A&M)
Brewer & Shipley – Love Love (A&M)
Yardbirds – Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor (Epic)

Listen/Download 96MB/256K Mixed Mp3



Iron Leg Digital Trip #36 – 2010 Year In Vintage Pop


Beach Boys – Wake the World (Brother)
Paul Williams – Trust (A&M)
Peggy Lipton – The Lady of the Lake (Ode)
Trade Winds – Mind Excursion (Buddha)
Dave Clark Five – Maze of Love (Columbia)
Artie Wayne – Automated Man (Smash)
Jimmie Haskell – Prelude/To Claudia On Thursday (ABC)
Boyce & Hart – Out and About (A&M)
Hassles – You Got Me Hummin (UA)
Joe South – Mirror of Your Mind (Capitol)
Small Faces – Tin Soldier (Immediate)
Shadows of Knight – Oh Yeah (Dunwich)
The Poor – She Got the Time (York)
Hangmen – Faces (Monument)
Beachnuts – Cycle Annie (Pickwick)
Byrds – Bad Night At the Whiskey (Columbia)
DDDBMT – He’s a Raver (Star Club)
Angels – Boy With the Green Eyes (RCA)
New Breed – Want Ad Reader (HBR)
Mike Sheridan’s Lot – Take My Hand (Edsel)
Music Machine – Trouble (Original Sound)
Ticker Tapes – Figment of Her Own Imagination (A Go Go)
Standells – Little Sally Tease (Tower)

Listen/Download 87MB/256K Mixed Mp3


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  2. Hi There,

    I am oh so curious what font you used to get the psychidelic look

  3. Lavi
    The font is called Butterfield Demo. It was a free TT font.

  4. Thanks for the music and the memories. I do a radio show on a little AM in middle TN and I play all different types of music. Your blog (and others like it) help me bring non top 40 music to my listeners. Thanks for the help!

    If you’re interested in hearing the show you can catch it on-line at 2-4 EST. Again Thanks for your blogs and helping to keep the music alive.

  5. GREAT!!!

  6. hello, there, my friend! i love these musics you let us hear…i’m talking from brazil…i’d like just to thank you…good night!

  7. thanks for being rad!!!
    yours truly,

  8. Where is Jay Mirely?

  9. Hi,
    I discovered your site when looking for data about a LP record that I like very much and never found in CD: The Travel Agency from 1968. For me, it is one of the best unknown 60’s group ever!
    Thank you very much for those MP3 tracks. Some are great rarities!
    Best Regards from Rio de Janeiro

  10. Thank you for these wonderful tracks! I love oldies (being 25) and these rarities are great!

  11. Hey there from Chicago. The photos from Gravel number’s 1 and 2 remind me of our groovy mod scene in Chicago at the very same time. Just thought I’d give you a great big thumb’s up. I followed the link here from Iowahawk and got hooked bad. Keep it up.

  12. An amazing site on so many levels!

    Keep up the good work.

  13. Hi, I was searching for Laughing Soup Dish MP3’s to replace the old recordings that I had and have now unfortunately lost. Stumbled on this site and all this fantastic kitsch music. It reminds me of a club I used to go to in the early/mid 90’s in Leeds (Uk) called the Cockpit, people used to go their in full Sgt Peppers outfits.

    Fantastic stuff

    (back to searching for Laughing Soup Dish stuff and not having much luck)

  14. Thank you so much. I was the lead singer on the 2 songs you have listed by The Legends, on Warner Brothers.

    I has been years since I heard these 2 single’s.

    Is there any way you could send me those 2 songs?

    You can see where I was with The Legends on the link below.

    What a great page you have. Un-believable work you have done here.

    This is when Music was Music.

    Would you happen to know where the song, Blue Misery would be?

    Thank you so much. Stay in touch.
    Billy Joe Burnette

  15. W O W ! ! !
    Greetings from Spain.
    This the bible man!!
    Thank you very much for give us a chance to listen to the god music I know and some rare-unknow artist and music groups (for me).
    Thanks a lot, good work, keep on!!
    Great hits, this is awesome!!

  16. Great site. I love the work you have completed, keep it up. This was when music was great. Thanks for the nice words about the ASCOTS from Barrington. They where great.

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  31. Thanks so much for your wonderful compilations- I’ve enjoyed every last one of them.

    I have a few questions for you: I have one favorite song by The Herd ‘From The Underworld’ (of course) and one favorite by The Association (‘Pandora’s Heebie Jeebies’) & haven’t found anything else by either that comes close to those songs in quality. Do you have any suggestions?

  32. I like a lot of the Herd’s 45s, including Our Fairytale and Beauty Queen. As far as the Association goes, I find something to like on almost all of their albums,

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  40. i really dig your site! keep on, keepin’ on!!!

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  44. excelent job!!!!!!!!!

    greetings from barcelona!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Truly groovy.

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  48. Can you fix digital trip#26 link? thanks.

  49. Just loaded up for a roadtrip…

    This is a goldmine. Thank you.

    Josh in Santa Cruz, CA

  50. Enjoy Josh!

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  54. Just a wonderul place to listen to the music that I haven’t heard in almost 40 years…thank you so very much, and keep it up, you’re a credit to mankind and we hope that you’re doing well!!!

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  57. No more zip files, hm? :(

  58. Dude. You are a king for doing this and I really appreciate your work. Australia

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