This is the beginning of a new blog, having nothing much to do with my other blog, other than a shared sensibility and a tendency toward run on sentences.

Iron Leg – which oddly enough takes it’s name from one of my favorite funk 45s – concerns itself with everything but funk and soul. If that’s your bag, you’ve probably already stopped by the Funky16Corners web zine and/or blog (and, uh…please continue to do so). It’s use here as a title du blog is based merely on it’s value as a high density non sequitur. I like the way it sounds, as well as the potential for misinterpretation. Make of it what you will.

I decided to open the doors on this blog because in the time I’ve been writing about funk and soul on the intwerwebs (which, if you include the web zine is about seven years.) I have endured a fairly constant itch (yeah, I know…see a doctor) to write about other things. These things include not only other genres of music, but also books, movies, comics and whatever else I happen to be grooving on at the moment.

This of course runs the risk of falling into the Grand Canyon of self indulgence, but if you dig it not, feel free to continue to wander.

I can’t say how often this space will be updated – Funky16Corners will remain my focus – but I suspect I’ll be stopping by a couple of times a week.

I hope you dig it.




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