3 comments on “The Monkees – Papa Gene’s Blues

  1. “Play magic fingers…”

    Rockin’ tune. Always a fave.

    BTW, my sis is president of a Davy Jones fanclub. She and my brother-in-law have the most bonkers Monkees/Nesmith/Jones collection one could ever hope to see.

    Glad things are going better too.

  2. I feel better now… it’s not a bad thing that as soon as I saw the name of the song that I automagically remembered what song it was AND all the words to the song as well as what song comes after it on the album. I can’t remember the name of the shop, but when I was an early teenager I was back in NY visiting relatives, and we went to a shop in Greenwich Village that was owned by one of the Monkees, and I still have the poison ring that I conned my parents into buying me. I have 4 Monkees albums on vinyl and once in a while I dig them out a listen and sing along!

  3. Alas it’s true Mike never got the credit for being a decent musician or when Linda Rondstat ask him to join the Stone Pomnies after the monkee meltdown that left Davy and Mickey as the Last Monkee standing. Your Saturday morning memories dates you only to the fact that the old farts like me remember watching them on Saturday Nights! I still have my Monkeemobile Model. It was also nice to see the Lone Ranger cartoon mention, Definetly a lost work of animation art that would send Sponge Bob ,Yu Gi Oh and all those other wimps to the snoozeatorium where they belong. Pick it Luther!

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