5 comments on “Sir Doug – She Digs My Love

  1. Nice piece and remeberance of your life there…not too unfamiliar circumstances in my life, too. I was a BIG fan of old Doug by the time you speak of. I managed to find a whole lot of rare 45s , all the Mercury LPS, re-releases of the Tribe stuff and one LP that had some of Doug at NINE years old playing guitar and steel as I remember and tales in the liner notes about him meeting Hank Williams, playing for him and sitting on his lap or such…
    He came to the club I worked at with Augie, His son and the crew featured on the TAKOMA LP doing “Who”ll Be The Next In Line?” by the Kinks off the LP and a whole lotta the same stuff you mentioned. Did I mention I had my tape deck going? I was the DJ and could tap right into the house PA and did , but not often enough, mostly because my life resembled yours in the article and I was a fool back then, WAY overloaded with alcohol and weed. I have a CD transfer in my stash.
    Great show, and afterwards we (the staff) dragged Doug and Augie over to one of the staqff’s condos and stole a couple of bottles of good liquor (I puroined the bottle of Remy Martin Cognac later before I left…I was near hitting my alcoholism bottom at the time) from the bar to lube the party. Doug aned Augie were so approachable and willing to talk. Because I was reasonably sober and knowledgable I ended up shooting the shit wioth them for an hour until they decided they’d had enough and escaped to the ir hotel. I made it home (though I don’t know why). I would get my DWI one month later.

  2. Thank you thank you for that terrific post. I lived in Hoboken, right behind Maxwell’s on Hudson St, for several years, late ’80s-early 90s, and know EXACTLY what you are talking about. If you are in the right frame of mind that back room can become the transporter room. Like when the little psychotronic surf band I was in opened there for Man or Astroman…or when my friend and I saw the Buzzcocks there and came as close as we’ll get to being lager louts, jumping up and down and hollering the oh-oh’s in What Do I Get? Or seeing DIck Dale there…or ? and the Mysterians, or numerous Los Straitjackets or Southern Culture shows…Ronnie Dawson…oh yes and the same Buzzcocks pal puking in the bathroom after we got him drunk to ease the pain of having his Fender Jazzmaster stolen, coming back out with puke on his shirt and his fly open with a big pee stain…we bonded…we saw so many shows there…El Vez…the names aren’t coming to me. I remember when Killing Joke played there (yes they did), I was in the huge bathroom of the apt I lived in, which was in the back, a window facing the wall that practically backed up to Maxwell’s. I swear I could make out the lyrics to a few songs, they were so loud. Oh yeah I gave my wife my number there, on a back of a card which she stuck in the cellophane of her hard pack Parliaments. (Quit soon after.) It is hard to imagine how many bands have played there. Nirvana. Every other frickin alternative band that went on to play stadiums. Fun fact: the brother of the guy who has booked bands there forever is himself the one who books the acts at the Jazz Standard on 28th st.
    Thanks for jogging the old memory bank. So glad your accident wasn’t worse. Thanks again for sharing so much fun with the amazing selection of songs. Like “Astronome Domine” or however you spell it. I may still have a Capitol Records sampler that not only had that Pink Floyd tune but also “Innervenus Eyes” was also on it.

  3. Ahh, Maxwell’s…home of my lost liver shards.

    Bill Ryan (Pier Platters), Guy Ewald (DJ) and I were hardcore Sahm fans and we pushed Steve Fallon for years to get Doug to play the club. Steve, knowing little of music history, would just shrug about it.

    I used to talk to Doug whenever he would come to town (the various Lone Stars) and one night I really pushed hard about him playing Maxwell’s. We were to talk about it the next day at Yankee Stadium (Doug was a huge baseball fan…bless him for that!)…but alcohol being what it is, it fell apart.

    Tore me apart when Doug died.

    I still remember one of the many nights Doug played the Lone Star and I stumbled into the bathroom during the Quintet’s encore (La Bamba)..and lo/behold a drunk Delbert McClinton is taking a leak while singing as loud as possible…so. natch, I joined in singing….all of a sudden a booming voice joins in our alchy chorus from the lone stall.

    Amblin’ out of the now stenchy stall was Tiny, one of the heads of the N.Y. chapter of The Hell’s Angels! We locked arms and sang our way out of the bathroom and onto the stage.

    Great times…from what I can recall.

  4. Good day good sir,

    I must say I admire your blog very much. Some jewels you’re posting here! I was wondering if you would allow me to post some of your tracks (this Sir Doug song and ‘Let It Hang Out’ from the Hombres) on my blog (funkynaam.blogspot.com), ofcourse referencing to this website. It’s just a blog I govern with two friends, aimed at bringing some good music into the lives of our mates. It would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,


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