8 comments on “Philamore Lincoln – The North Wind Blew South

  1. Excellent LP! Well done as always Larry. The instro on Side Two “Blew Through” is actually the Graham Bond Organization! Pagey had admitted to playing guitar on “You’re The One”, which I once owned on a US 45 white label pressing.

  2. Larry,

    Really wonderful song by Philamore Lincoln! Could you post another tune from the LP? You have me literally begging for more!

  3. That is quite a jacket (looks like he stole the drapes in Buckingham Palace) and the pose reminds me of Mick Jagger in ‘Gimme Shelter’ going “I lost a button on me trousers. You wouldn’t want me trousers to fall down, would you???”

  4. Donovan – yes! Thanks for posting. I went looking for more info after viewing Keith Loutit’s tilt-shift video of Headless Heroes’ new version of this song on Vimeo. Mesmerizing. Where can I buy the Philamore Lincoln song on MP3?

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