8 comments on “Boyce and Hart – Out and About

  1. Hi Larry,

    I absolutely love this blog & ‘Funky 16 Corners’ as well. ‘Funky 16’ is one of the first blogs I discovered many years ago and it has remained a mainstay. I check both of your blogs as frequently as possible. Your selections are briliant and especially appealing for someone who is -ahem- turning 55 all too soon. I stil remember the excitement of new music from 1965-1970 as if it was yesterday, and apparently you do as well.

    I already wrote once asking if it would be possible to send me an mp3 of Lost Souls ‘Sad Litle Girl’- I’m so curious about it and missed your posting of it in March. I’ve scoured the internet looking for a copy of it elsewhere so I won’t have to pester you for it but have come up empty handed (aside from buying a 10″ on Musicstack for $20).

    Would you- could you do that for me? I will repay you in any way possible, just name it. The song may suck for all I know, but I love the IDEA of a ‘dirge-like’ garage version of this absolutely beautiful Brummels song. While looking, I actually discovered a Brummels demo of the song from the ‘San Fran Sessions’ that I overlooked somehow, which has a cool ‘high lonesome’ harmonica running all the way through it. Another accidental score.

    Please don’t post this if you have any control over that- it’s just meant for you to read. I will send you my email address pronto if you agree to send the mp3.

    Many thanks to you for sharing all of this great music- you’re a life brightener.

  2. This has always been a favorite. I discovered it on that same IDOJ episode in the early 80’s when ( in my early 20’s) I was having a field day rediscovering the music of the 60’s (and 50’s) via Goodwills, Salvation Army and whatever pieces of video one could find like this way back then.

    Reading your post reminded that Spector and Boyce and Hart connected early on with Curtis Lee’s “Pretty Little Angel Eyes” (maybe just Boyce co-wrote that), an early Spector production.

    Maybe the boys played up the swinger bit because they were finally out in the spotlight, not just two guys churning out hits anonymously (I think nearly everything they did for the Monkees was killer).

  3. I think I learned of Out and About by way of I Dream of jeannie as well. It is really just a stellar, stellar song. I always expect the string break to last a little longer than it does. The bass is pretty much a perfect tone. I would say it is Carol Kaye of the wrecking crew but she was a Fender player and this sounds more like a thin wood hollow body, perhaps a Gretsch or Framus bass.

    I should also note, that I found Boyce and Hart’s I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight (another GREAT song) by way of an LA Punk band from the early 80s called Red Kross. They covered it and I tracked its genealogy backwards to the source.

  4. Morgan
    I first heard ‘I Wonder…’ via Redd Kross as well. I was lucky enough to see them do it live some years ago.
    ‘Out and About’ is probably remembered fondly be people who were around when it came out, but it hovers in that “lost”, bottom end of the Top 40.

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  6. The bass part on Out And About and the entire Test Patterns LP was played by Candy Store Prophets (and future Canned Heat/Tom Waits) bassist, Larry “The Mole” Taylor.

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