12 comments on “Lynn Castle and Last Friday’s Fire- Rose Colored Corner

  1. I found this blog to late to listen/download the Lynn Castle songs and I would REALLY love the chance. Can you send the files to me? As it happens, Lynn Castle (now known as Madelynn Von Ritz) is a personal friend (and my hairdresser)!!!


  2. How cool you discovered this psychedelic classic. Would you believe a copy was among the small (10) stack of 45’s that Sears supplied with the 1971 Silvertone record player I got for Christmas that year. On Ebay a used copy usually starts at $10 and I find websites describing a compilation CD titled “Into The Yellow” containing both Rose Colored Corner & The Lady Barber. However I have never been successful finding the CD for sale nor is either of these tracks available to download, purchase or otherwise. On YouTube one person uploaded the audio for The Lady Barber but not the flipside. Oh well, I still have the old scratchy 45 and still listen to it, (now dubbed to a CD, of course). Thanks for posting and the extra information about the band was interesting.

  3. Here she is in 1966 on ‘What’s My Line?’…supposedly, she wrote a song for the Monkees as well

    • “Kicking Stones”

      * Written by Lynn Castle and Wayne Erwin
      * Lead vocal by Micky
      * Originally featured on Missing Links Volume 1, titled “Teeny Tiny Gnome.”

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