3 comments on “Raspberries – Go All the Way

  1. Absolutely hit that nail right on the fuckin’ head. AM/FM radio pulled in from way far and away on summer nights in the early 70’s were all that I was about. I remember hearing this one on a K-Tel album my uncle had and being FLOORED. I thought there could be nothing better, ever. Obviously I was wrong but I still get excited when I hear this song. Thanks for this and AlL your great posts!

  2. First time I heard this was on my Jubilee AM radio that was hanging off of the handlebars on my Schwinn Sting-Ray. We had a stolen pack of KOOL cigarettes and were hanging out in the woods near a large rock. I remember convincing my dad to get me an AM/FM radio so I could listen to WWDJ in Hackensack and WPLJ (They were using the “White Port and Lemon Juice” tune by The Mothers as an ID for the station and had that $25,000 buttun promo going too). Such a long time ago but I remember it like it was yesterday.

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