6 comments on “The Underdogs – Love’s Gone Bad b/w Mo Jo Hanna

  1. Hey Larry,

    Great to see the mighty IL back again!

    It’s a great companion to F16C and the two together are a fabulous double-whammy of musical brilliance and ‘edutainment’.

    Wishing you and yours a great 2011,

    Stu, Glasgow, Scotland

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  3. Hi Larry,

    Great to see Iron Leg back – The Underdogs’ version of “The Way You Do
    The Things You Do” is fantastic – sounds like a lost Mitch Ryder track.
    I doubt the Underdogs did anything other than vocals on the track, sounds like
    the Funk Brothers to me but what the hell …

    Keep an eye out for those “Motown Sings Motown Treasures” cds – there’s some
    brilliant stuff hidden away there.

    • Your right Davie,Although the musicians were capable enough to do the session Motown exec’s found it necessary to keep the feel of the Funk brothers .If you have the opportunity listen to Love’s Gone Bad and Mojo Hanna by the Underdogs as well.All cuts use Dave Whitehouse on vocal’s along with Tony Roumell on Guitar.But as I understand it after talking to Dave Whitehouse is that James Jamerson plays on all the cuts along with Ureal on Drums.I’ll see if I can get more when I talk to Dave W again.

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