3 comments on “Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band – Diddy Wah Diddy b/w Who Do You Think You’re Fooling

  1. I first came across the Captain in one of Zappa’s Bizarre vinyl compilations. It was ‘The Blimp’ from Trout mask Replica. Since the I’ve come across him in the same psych compellations. There’s a documentary on Zappa’s career as recording executive – ‘From Straight to Bizarre’ which has a long section on Beefhearts time recording for Zappa. Its currently up on You Tube.

    As an aside, Ry Closer was the guitarist on those early records.

  2. Larry, I loved the Beefheart video and cuts. I have been trying to locate a recording of another less known LA 60’s band named “Mobius”. The cut they released circa 1966 was a song titled “Secret Cave”. I would love to hear it again if you could find it. Thanks bro, Keep on keepin on.
    John Dawson of the Knight Riders (“I”).

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