3 comments on “Jim Lowe – Michael J Pollard For President

  1. don’t forget, The Cramps also covered “The Green Door.” And Michael J. Pollard was classic as the screw-up who couldn’t do anything right, Cousin Virgil, on Andy Griffith.

  2. Pollard is one of those really interesting characters from the 60s scene who I wish I knew more about. He was around on the Sunset Strip scene, and was in so many interesting movies and TV shows. A NJ native, too!

  3. The thing I most remember about this record is that it got pulled from airplay after only a couple of weeks due to the assassination of Robert Kennedy. RFK’s actual voice appears on the record saying something like “I oppose him – and I am the only candidate who opposes him” – and once he was assassinated in real life, the record was never played on air again.

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