3 comments on “The (Intermittently) Strange World of Herb Larson

  1. Larry…Speaking of the “Command/ABC” label, and the reference to Enoch Light (and his “Light Brigade”) , ever hear of 3M’s first foray into cassette audio storage? Command records put a LOT of their albums on these, 5″ by 5″ one-reel cassettes that stacked with the Wollensak label.. The “reel” inside the cassette had an extra heavy-duty leader on it that was fed by feeder rollers to a take-up reel inside the machine. (LINK: http://www.amazon.com/Revere-Wollensak-Automatic-Self-Changing-Recorder-Original/dp/B004R8XL2U) My 85 year old mother still has a bunch of these carts but I am working on fixing the deck to transfer the music to MP3. Just another blast from your past…peace.

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