3 comments on “Iron Leg Radio Show Episode #63

  1. I was thinking of getting some solo Cher recently but it seems to be 99% covers. Haven’t listened to your show yet but do you recommend her early solo stuff?

    • I would recommend it. Though there are a lot of covers, the selection is interesting, the performances solid and the production/arrangements are superb. Sonny Bono was one of Phil Spector’s most productive acolytes, though he didn’t do much outside of S&C records. He had talent and a good ear, but his drive led him somewhere else.

  2. Yep, Sonny is very underrated, stemming, I believe, from music snobs siding with Spector. Let’s face it – “I Got You Babe ” is an absolute classic and one that came out just as Spector was starting to find hits hard to come by. “The Beat Goes On ” is another beautiful sounding record, state of the art and drop dead cool. Turns out I’ve got a bit of solo Cher on a S&C cd set so giving it a go tonight, I’ll probably end up grabbing all her sixties stuff anyway because that’s just the way I am!

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