3 comments on “Kin Vassy – Blue Bird

  1. Thanks for this, Larry. I fell in love with Kin’s amazing vocals the first time I heard him sing with the First Edition. I’m wondering if you can help me locate a specific track that Kin sang on – called ‘School Teacher’ – on the First Edition’s brilliant ‘Ballad of Calico County’ LP. I used to own that album – loved it, played it constantly, and then, after a series of moves over the years, it’s been lost forever. I would so love to hear that again – if you have it in your own collection, I’d be over-the-moon delighted if you shared it here…if only to share this brilliant singer’s talents with the rest of the world, as you’ve just done with this blog post, in sharing Kin’s great version of ‘Bluebird’. Thanks in advance!

  2. Oops – my fingers went a little nuts, above. It’s from the album ‘The Ballad of Calico,’ not, as I mistakenly typed ‘The Ballad of Calico County’ (I think I had the track ‘Coward of the County’ on my mind as I was typing).

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