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  1. The Lime was from AKRON, Ohio, not CANTON. One of my neighbors was in it, last name Wagner., possibly Larry. I think there was also a guy last name, I believe Sanders.,first name possibly Russ. I think they all went to Buchtel High School., located on Copley Road in Akron, Ohiohis would have been around1969-1971.

  2. This band is from akron ohio. Larry,Steve,Russ Sanders all went to Firestone high school.
    I am sorry I cant remember the actual names of the other 2 the drummer had the nickname jiddeus(sp) he went on to play with the beatles tribute band 1964. The 3 Sanders are my uncles and I have been searching for this pic for a long time. Is it possible to send me a copy and also do you have these songs in mp3 or any digital format? I see you said you have 2 of them are they the same?

  3. Sorry I see that you do have them on mp3. Please contact me about possibly emailing me the pics thanks.

  4. Sorry ignore my post about the drummer he didnt record with them. He had played with them I just checked with my mom. Steve Sanders went on to record with The Clique on Sugar on Sunday.

  5. Hi, this is Micki (Limegirl) from Akron. I’m the Lime’s biggest fan! I met them at a meet & greet at a record store, The Music Box, in Barberton, Ohio, 1967. I was 12 years old. It’s an ongoing challenge find any memorabilia. I want that picture sleeve, darling; I need it! You said you found two copies in that record bin in New Jersey–did both have picture sleeves? If so, would you sell me one? Most of the Lime info is on Buckeye Beat, as you’ve noted. The Sanders brothers are now in a CSNY tribute band, called Ohio. Russ used to date a friend of mine . I love Micky Pappano, the lead singer! I tracked down a `cousin of his, about ten years ago, who told me that the family has no momentos, or records (they never cut an LP), since the band, nor the band’s family didn’t consider their 15 minutes of fame any big deal. I was told that Micky was in a very serious car accident. I don’t know how he’s doing now. I do all I can to get the Lime back in play, and may start a fan club! They’re too good to be forgotten. Thank you for your contribution–good job! P.S. I like their raw rendition of Soul Kitchen much better than the Doors! Peace & Love, Micki

  6. Regarding “The Lime” 3 brothers, Larry, Steve & Russ. Steve and Larry are still giging, Russ has assumed room tempiture , may Russ RIP.

    I used to promote The Lime in the 70’s. The brothers still live in Akron and by by teh way, the went to Firestone HS 1970 / 1969.

    Long live rock

    • Please contact me! I would give anything for any memories you could relate to me about the Lime. I’m getting together all I can, to petition them being included in the Ohio Bands exhibit at the Rock Hall. I’ve been an absolute fanatic for them from the beginning. I have all their records, but I need memorabilia; anything at all, including just anything you can remember about them. Please help me with this project to accurately document and preserve rock history!

      • Micki,
        I am in contact with members of the lime. Leave me a message at
        Maria-Elena Mollis on FB and I’ll get them in touch with you so all data for you will be accurate. They are very talented and are still cranking out the hits! I will tell you where you can find their music. -Maria.

      • Hi, I am STEVE sanders from the Lime . Northeast Ohio seems to have forgotten about us. If I can be of any help to get the word out let me know. I am working on a Lime compilation CD of a lot of unreleased songs that were recorded between 1966- 1970 soon to be available. Thank you.

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    • Please make that photo available! I used to have autographed 8×10 glossies, but they are regrettably gone. It’s so important to preserve these things now. Please share! Peace & Love to you.

  8. Hello all…I was so excited to find this site as Larry is my dad, and Steve and Russ are my uncles. They are all from Akron, OH, graduated from Firestone HS, and Larry and Steve are still playing in a band called ‘Ohio’. Uncle Russ passed away in 2006. Larry is still with this long time love (and former “Limegirl”) Marita and they reside in Akron, as does Steve.

    I can’t begin to tell you how much it would mean to Larry and to Steve to see the great comments left here. I agree, the Lime were and are too good to be forgotton, so please, make sure to visit their site and show them your love and support! Long live the Lime!!



  9. Yes, as Stephanie said, Steve and Larry would love to hear any feed back and when i get home i’ll ask steve to add his own comments about The Lime and the names of the other members. i do know Joe Vitale Sr. was the drummer for a little while and his son Joe Jr. plays with Steve in the CSN tribute band Ohio, who will be playing at Moe’s at Fishcreek and Graham on May5th (2009) at 6:30pm!
    Not only will The Lime not be forgotten but we arew working on an anthology of Steve’s career. (before and after Limedom)


      • I have a pristine copy, but I don’t know how to upload it. When I learn, it will be the first thing I upload.

    • I’m extremely devoted to preserving Lime history. You may be interested in some of my projects, and I’m certainly interested in yours! I’m honored to offer my assistance in any way I can, to this end. I would be thrilled to hear about how the anthology is coming along. Please share! Peace & Love, Micki

  10. What happened to the song? It is crossed out and cannot be played. Like, how can I play it for my kids? PLease remove the block so all Lime fans can here it. Thank you.

  11. I would like to get in touch with Larry Sanders. If you know him, please give my e mail add. to him. We have friends in common. Richie, Paul, Jon-Jon, Shari. Just loke to talk over old times. Thanks! Maria aka DeezineDeeva@aol.com

  12. Surprise – I have a reel to reel tape of a live LIME performance from Dec 1969, discovered in my attic. Still plays on an antique tape deck from that era (50 years ago!) Recording quality is not the best, but it contains live comments between songs, and captures their energy (and lead vocals). Great memories when I first saw them in Coshocton Ohio (age 15)! -David

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