4 comments on “New Colony Six – Things I’d Like To Say

  1. I dunno whether you’ve seen this, but it was the first place I encountered the NC5 (a few months back), looking at clips of Kiddie A-Go-Go, a local Chicago show that was just what it sounds like, and worth checking out for some good laughs.

  2. I’m enjoying your work on this blog as well. Ronnie Rice is a great guy who makes the rounds in Chicago playing a bit of everything, just him and an acoustic. I actually had him at my 30th birthday.

  3. I’m a longtime fan of Funky 16 Corners and just came across this post because I Googled the song. Funny coincidence. I remember this as a big radio hit and always thought the chord progression had an unusual floating, dreamlike quality. After hearing it again, the arrangement is pretty schmaltzy, but I still like the song a lot. It would make a nice cover for somebody.

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