9 comments on “Paul Revere & the Raiders – The Great Airplane Strike

  1. Being a 60s enthusiast who never got beyond CBS-FM specials growing up, a number of bands always fell into the trap you describe. There are some bands like the Grassroots, who never appeared to exist in any context, outside of a string of hits that would sometimes crop up on the radio.

    I associate the Raiders with the Shondells, as they had distinctly different eras of hits, which (probably for contractual reasons) always meant no compilation would contain all the songs I wanted.

    I just want to say I really enjoy your blogs. I was telling my brother what treasure troves of music lurk in the blogosphere these days. I was introduced to funky16 in the great Metafilter rush a while back, but iron leg is more my speed. I was blown away when I came across your image at the fantagraphics booth at the comic con a couple of weeks ago.

    Keep up the good work and shine some light on Spanky and Our Gang or the Association at some point if they’ve somehow escaped your attention as they’re two of the deeper overlooked talents of the 60s IMHO.

  2. And bonus! This song is one of the few out there that sounds great as an mp3 file. (Maybe it’s that AM radio thing…) Turn it up loud.

  3. I would argue that, single for single, the Raiders’ 60s output matched up very favorably with the Stones. The Stones made superior albums, obviously — though Midnight Ride,Spirit of ’67, and Revolution are all pretty great — but the Raiders were far better than their teenybop pop reputation. Of course, singing an anti-drug song (“Kicks”) didn’t exactly boost their hipness…

  4. This is a coincidence! I happened to be watching an episode of Batman the other day and the Raiders were on. they played at Penguin’s Gotham Mayor campaign. Very amusing.

  5. When I saw the hint from Funky 16 corners about the fuzzed out Raiders song, I was sure it was going to be “Steppin Out”. What a nice surprise to find one of their lesser known songs here. I still have their Greatest Hits album that I got when I was in ummmm… probably Jr High and have always liked this song a lot!

  6. The Raiders at Geauga Lake Park one summer night in ’66 or ’67 (w/Sonny & Cher, Shangri Las, more) rocked harder than the Stones or the Beatles in ’66 in Cleveland. Don’t believe all you read about rock) If you ever dug “Ooh Pooh a Doo” from Mark Lindsay, you know what I mean, forget Mick Jagger’s twerp vocals, and George, Paul and John never did steps on top of their Vox amps…It’s Just Like Me…euclidcreek

  7. If you ever run across a copy of “Powder Blue Mercedes Queen” be sure to give it a listen (if you haven’t already). I had a friend who ran a pirate radio station out of his garage back in the 70’s and that song was in heavy rotation! I was surprised when I found out it was the Raiders!

    Hey! Found a YouTube video:

    Too bad I’m blocked up here at the office and can’t see it.

    Great Blog (I just found it from Funky16)! Keep up the great work!

  8. Big Raiders fan…always been but the lyrics from The Great Airplane Strike still bugs me to this day. “The janitor come running in, so scared his face was white” Obviously it was the 60’s but it brings to mind a Stepin Fetchit character. I’m sure people will say I’m being too sensitive, but as an African American Raiders fan, I would have thought the Raiders would have had the insight to not be so stereotypical. It was the 60’s after all and I guess they’re audience wasn’t black, so no harm, no foul.

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