11 comments on “The Gentrys – Stroll On

  1. Larry;
    Love the blog – just a note on the Gentrys; their volcalist was a guy named Jimmy Hart who reincarnated himself in th World Wrestling Federation in the 80’s as “The Mouth Of The South Jimmy Hart, manager and sideman for some minor wrestlers. Met him at a match in Tennesse, and had him autograph my Gentrys album.

    Heep up the posting, love the tunes

  2. Yeah cheers again Larry. Thanks for the terrific uploads and you’ve been a big part of whats been a glorious 2008 for music. Roll on 2009!

    Those Lindy Blaskey & The LaVells tunedrops have to be the biggest revelation for me. Happiest of New Years to you and yours!

  3. Actually the Gentrys Cinnamon Girl came out as a 45 and stayed on the charts longer and also charted higher than Young’s.

  4. I was wondering if this was the same Gentrys that Jimmy Hart was in. Thanks for the confirmation, bookman43.

    Hart actually started his career in the wrestling biz in Memphis, TN. He was there for many years in the 70s and early 80s before moving to the WWF. In the 90s, he moved to Ted Turner’s WCW promotion and composed a bunch of the wrestlers’ theme music. I think he was also involved in the WWF’s Wrestling Albums of the 80s.

    Quite a career he has had!

  5. there are several bands named The Gentry’s…so, it’s the band from Memphis that did a cover of the Zombies, You Make Me Feel Good?

    this is probably a stupid question, but did they also do, Don’t Send Me No Flowers [I Ain’t Dead Yet]?…

    anyway, thanks for the great version of Train Kept A Rollin…nice sound quality on that …


  6. My uncle played lead guitar in The Gentrys after they reformed. His name was Wes Stafford. He died before I was born. I do not feel like he’s recognized like he should. He co-wrote five songs that are on the Cinnamon Girl album. They include: Friends, God Save Our Country, Wooden Hearts, Goddess of Love, and Sunshine.

      • I just saw this post. Nice to know somebody remembers him. Wish I could have known him. My dad was the younger of the brothers. Wes was his second older brother of him.

    • I knew Wes when he played at with the Gentry’s at “Big Daddy’s” Daytona Beach, 1975. He was very quite and a very nice person. I have 1 picture of him on the beach in Daytona. I was a bartender at Big Daddy’s.

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