3 comments on “IL Meets F16C #4 – Terry Reid – Stay With Me

  1. Hello,
    a very good review here. You do have a gift of listening carefully… and a way way with words to lay it out nicely. So you’ve just discovered Terry? Nice surprise, innit? It’s often overlooked in Led Zep history snippets and bios, but indeed Terry not just turned down the lead singer spot, offered by Jimmy Page himself. Luckily for everyone involved and the world at large, Terry knew someone he thought could do the job instead of him, and who he recommended to Page… that someone turned out to be Terry’s friend Robert Plant.

    I’d challenge you to review the two versions of Superlungs My Supergirl (Terry’s version is the opening track on the very LP pictured in your post, vs the original, by Donovan) but I guess for that you must be passionately in love with (or at least more than marginally interested in) at least one of the two versions. Cheers!

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